St Columba's RC High School

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The English staff are:

Mrs Malcolm - Principal Teacher Languages, Media and Film Faculty

Mrs Shields - Teacher of English

Mrs Kelsey - Depute Head Teacher 

Mrs Gibb - Depute Head Teacher

Mrs Dall - Teacher of English

Miss McDonald - Teacher of English

Ms O'Brien- Teacher of English

Mr Ryan - Teacher of English (and Media)

Ms Gillies - Teacher of English 

Miss Nisbet - Teacher of English.


Reasons to choose English listed in powerpoint below

st columbas subject choices english national 5 s2 no video 2 .pdf


st columbas subject choices english higher s4 s5 no video 2 .pdf


 English Updates


The English Department also offer the following award options to pupils 

  • ESOL
  • Communication Unit
  • Literacy Award