St Columba's RC High School

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Learning Resource Centre - LRC

 The LRC is on the ground floor, Room 22.


Opening Times

Monday - Thursday 8.30am-4.15pm

Friday - 8.30am-1pm

You can borrow 2 books for 3 weeks, the date the book is due to be returned is stamped inside the book. Please try to return on time. 

If you haven’t finished the book and need more time, please let the Librarian know and your loan period can be extended. 

If you lose the book (and these things happen!) please inform the Librarian as soon as possible 

Remember it’s free to borrow books from the LRC! 

The LRC also has a few chrome books available if your one runs out of charge during the day.


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Useful websites

Scottish Book Trust


 Useful Information

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