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Message from the Head Teacher


Welcome to the Information Site for St Columba’s R C High School, Dunfermline. It has been designed to provide an insight into the life and work of our community.

St Columba’s aims to provide an atmosphere of Christian love, care and understanding in which all pupils are encouraged to learn and to seek to achieve the highest possible standards. It is the school’s hope that, in embracing gospel values, our pupils will also have increased their love of God and of others.

The school enjoys an enviable academic record with very high levels of attainment in SQA examinations. Of equal importance to us, however, is our pupils’ wider achievements and our ethos is enhanced by the variety of clubs and activities on offer. High levels of staff and pupil participation outwith the classroom ensure that our young people have many opportunities to develop as confident individuals and responsible citizens.

School trips – including a number of residential experiences – ensure that the pupils of St Columba’s are able to develop leadership qualities and responsibility. Each year the school organises a joint residential activity with our family of primary schools. This ensures that the new intake of pupils can make friends and get to know some of the staff of the school before joining us in August.

The community of St Columba’s is made up of pupils, staff and parents working closely with the local parishes. Our parents are extremely supportive of the school and its mission and the Parent Council plays an active role in the school community. This close working relationship is a great strength of the school and is a major factor in our outstanding ethos.

M McGee

Head Teacher

Please contact the school if you would like further information.