St Columba's RC High School

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Parents' Evenings

Parents’ Evenings 2023/24 

S4 Thursday 21st September, 2023 

S1 Monday 2nd October, 2023 

S3 Wednesday 1st November, 2023 

S5/6 Thursday 1st February, 2024 

S2 Monday 12th February, 2023 

Assessment of pupils in St Columba’s serves two main functions:


  • To indicate the progress being made by the pupil.
  • To identify areas where the pupil requires extra help to cope with difficulties being experienced.


In S1 and S2, the school policy is based on a system of continuous assessment, which gives a detailed picture of a pupil’s progress over a session. The organisation of continuous assessment in individual subjects is the responsibility of Principal Teachers.


Reporting to parents is regarded as an important priority. For each year group there are regular Tracking Reports with specific feedback at key point of the year.



Parents who wish to contact the school to discuss the progress of their children are encouraged to do so. Parents’ Evenings are held in order that parents and teachers can discuss pupils on an individual basis. On these occasions, parents are invited to make appointments with the appropriate teachers. An electronic appointments system has been established so that Parents’ Evenings can be organised effectively.