St Columba's RC High School

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Religious Observance

As a Roman Catholic School, St Columba’s has the responsibility of giving its pupils the experience of belonging to a Christian community and of developing spiritually.

Throughout their time at St Columba’s, pupils receive the opportunity to grow in their faith, to become more knowledgeable about it and to develop a willingness to express it through practical activities.


The partnership between the school, the home and the Church is central to this process.

St Margaret’s Deanery covers an area of the Archdiocese which is almost the same as the school’s catchment area. The school’s chaplain coordinator, Fr Nicholas Grace, is the main link with the Deanery priests. The school has an Oratory (or small chapel) which is in daily use.


St Columba’s professes to be a caring community. It attempts to show what it means to live as a Christian in today’s society. We seek to do this through the relationships which are formed, by the justice and integrity which prevail, by the care shown for the individual, by shared beliefs  in liturgical services and by the courses which make up the formal R.E. syllabus.


The work of the Religious Education Department is organised by the Principal Teacher who coordinates and guides the work of the Catholic members of staff in teaching religious education. The school Chaplaincy Team plays a pastoral role in the spiritual development of the school by liaising with Fr Grace, organising school liturgies throughout the year and opportunities for both pupil and staff spiritual development (including retreats).


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